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Be sure to check back often for scores, details, tidbits and anything else from a full day of basketball at Convention Hall.

Game Four

Freehold 56, Red Bank Catholic 53 (Final)

Updated 7:41 p.m.

Trying to figure out when the last time Freehold beat RBC was. The Caseys have never lost to the Colonials during the tenure of RBC coach Joe Montano, which means at least 19 years, so this could possibly be the first time Freehold has ever toppled the Caseys. It seriously could have been sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s because the two teams don’t play each other very much. Just an impressive win for the Colonials, and arguably the best win of coach Jen Brzucki’s three-year tenure at Freehold. Shannon Mayrose’s quick first step just caused havoc for RBC’s frontcourt, with Chyna Golden, Mary Ellen Whitlock and Sam Guastella all fouling out.

I also liked how Freehold attacked more offensively, and Brzucki said after the game that she has been urging players like Alex Eagle, Simone Dixon and Ashley Lewis to look for their shots more and be more aggressive, and they did that tonight. Eveyone on the floor was a threat, rather than putting everything on Mayrose’s back, and it showed in a great win.

RBC and its young guards will continue to improve and this will be another learning experience. Hobbie, in particular, has star potential. Better to have this loss on Jan. 18 than in the second round of the Shore Conference Tournament.

Well, a long weekend of basketball has come to a close, and I’ll have video highlights from today’s action as well as stories on the site on Monday. Hope you enjoyed it.

Updated 7:31 p.m.

Senior forward Shannon Mayrose was Freehold’s MVP with 22 points and 13 rebounds, and sophomore guard Kasey Hobbie was RBC’s MVP with 14 points. For Freehold, Ashley Lewis added 13 points, Simone Dixon had 10 and Alex Eagle had 9 points, plus a big steal inside the final minute. For RBC, Sam Guastella added 11 points and Mary Ellen Whitlock had 9 points.

The Colonials finished off the upset by doing enough at the foul line in the end, as Shannon Mayrose hit one free throw with one second left to make it a 3-point lead and the Caseys couldn’t get a shot off on Mayrose’s missed free throw on her second attempt.

Updated at 7:18 p.m.

A jumper by Ashley Lewis in transition just tied the game at 51 for Freehold after RBC missed several chances on its last possession. Both teams have had chances to seize the game, but traveling or carrying violations have turned the ball over.

Updated at 7:13 p.m.

Chyna Golden just fouled out for RBC as Shannon Mayrose is grabbing every offensive rebound in sight and piling up fouls on RBC’s forwards by taking it strong to the basket. Freehold leads 49-47 with3:50 left in the game.

Updated at 7:05 p.m.

A long two by Mary Kate Byrnes in the final 10 seconds of the quarter tied the game for RBC. Freehold’s Shannon Mayrose poured in 10 points in the quarter, while RBC’s Mary Ellen Whitlock did a good job of finishing underneath in scoring 6 points in the quarter. Freehold had a lead as big as five points with 55 seconds left, but a 3-pt. play by Chyna Golden and Byrnes’s jumper tied it.


Updated 6:50 p.m.

Freehold just took a 34-32 lead with 4:45 left in the third quarter on a bank shot 3-pointer by Ashley Lewis, who has scored five straight points. RBC’s Chyna Golden got called for an offensive foul with 6:58 left in the third quarter and hit the bench with her third foul.

Updated 6:36 p.m.

Freehold is not going away as the Colonials have taken advantage of careless turnovers to stay in the game, getting to the foul line off dribble penetration on offense to stay right with the Caseys. A driving layup by Alexandra Eagle with 3 seconds left in the half cut it to four points. Eagle

RBC’s height is really bothering the Colonials, as 6-footer Sam Guastella had six straight points to provide a 25-20 lead and it was all on finishes in the paint or by tipping a missed shot to herself and then scoring. Between Guastella, Golden and Mary Ellen Whitlock, RBC has three tall and athletic finishers in the paint who have hurt Freehold. Sophomore guard Kasey Hobbie is also a big offensive weapon for this team and makes the offense way more dynamic as well as helping the ability to play inside-out.

Updated 6:27 p.m.

Freehold is hanging right with RBC and actually briefly led 20-19 before a putback by RBC’s Sam Guastella gave the Caseys a 21-20 lead with 3:01 left in the half. RBC has had a lot of unforced turnovers, while Freehold has done its damage at the free throw line.

Updated 6:16 p.m.

This has been a fast-paced game so far, with both teams getting points in transition. RBC’s Chyna Golden is going to be a special player because she’s 6-3 and just took a rebound, dribbled the length of the floor and pulled up from the foul line like a point guard and drained a jumper.  Unfortunately for the Caseys, she also picked up her second foul of the game with 56 seconds left in the first quarter.

Freehold is playing a zone and it’s been fairly effective, although RBC’s Kasey Hobbie just drained a 3-pointer to push the lead to six points.

Updated 5:57 p.m.

OK, one more game to go in front of a crowd that is pretty much friends and family here at Convention Hall. Kasey Hobbie recently returned to the lineup for RBC, so we’ll see if she continues her strong play. Also, the match-up in the post should be good between RBC sophomore Chyna Golden and Freehold’s Shannon Mayrose.

Game Three

Peddie 75, Pt. Boro 49 (Final)

Updated 5:52 p.m.

Peddie cruised to the win, and Virginia-bound senior Lexie Gerson led the way with a game-high 27 points to earn her team’s MVP honors, while guard Kelly Collins had 16 points to lead Point Boro and earn MVP honors. Kelsey Haycook added 15 points in the loss.

Updated 5:37 p.m.

This one has long been over as Peddie just has blown out to a 73-45 lead with 2:26 left in the game. One thing I will say is that Peddie’s Lexie Gerson, a Virginia recruit, certainly looks like the real deal. This is one of those games that Point Boro can use in its second trip through Class B South because it won’t see a team nearly as good as Peddie in that stretch.

Updated 4:58 p.m.

Reality has started to set in as a deep Peddie squad went on a 19-8 run to close out the half and balloon the lead at the break.

Updated 4:43 p.m.

The Panthers, who were a late addition to this game when a New York team bailed out, are holding their own against Peddie, with Kelsey Haycook off to a good start. They were supposed to be the sacrificial lamb against a team that plays post-graduates, including Virginia recruit Lexie Gerson, but they are hanging around in the early going, down 23-15 with 6:40 left in the half.

Updated 4:36 p.m.

Looking at the video replay of the end of the SJV game, Murry Bergtraum’s Doris Ortega actually caught an airball by CeCe Dixon that went from the right side of the rim over the left into Ortega’s arms for the game-winning lay-up with 2 seconds left. Rough ending for St. John Vianney, but the Lancers are trying to take it as a positive in that they won’t see a better team than that the rest of the season. They definitely won’t see a faster team, that’s for sure.

Game Two

Murry Bergtraum 61, St. John Vianney 59 (Final)

Oh man, two heartbreakers in two days for Shore Conference teams against nationally-ranked powers – CBA against St. Pat’s on Saturday and now St. John Vianney against Murry Bergtraum. Murry Bergtraum’s Doris Ortega scored on an offensive putback with two seconds left in the game to win it for the Blazers and extend their winning streak to 70 games. SJV, which suffered its first loss of the season, nearly had the ball with 11 seconds left in the game when one official whistled a 3-second violation, but the player was standing outside of the designated paint area and another official overruled her, waved it off and gave the ball to Bergtraum out of bounds.

Ortega and Katelyn Linney were the respective MVPs for each team. Linney had 10 of her 12 points in the fourth quarter, while Ortega finished with a game-high 18 points. For Bergtraum, Shanee Williams added 13 points, Shakurah Washington had 12 and CeCe Dixon had 10 points. For SJV, Michaela Mabrey had a team-high 14 points, Jackie Kates added 13 and Teresa Manigrasso had 11 points.

Updated 3:59 p.m.

Katelyn Linney just scored off an inbounds pass from Jackie Kates to give SJV a 3-point lead, and she now has 10 points in the fourth quarter. Shakurah Washington, who has hurt SJV all game on the offensive boards and started the Blazers’ fast break with outlet passes, has just fouled out with 3:16 left in the game. That 69-game winning streak is teetering.

Updated 3:55 p.m.

Upset alert – SJV leads the No. 8 team in the nation, 57-54, with 4:01 to go after consecutive baskets by Katelyn Linney, who is starting to heat up with 8 points in the quarter thus far.

Updated 3:48 p.m.

St. John Vianney’s 3-point shooting has kept it in the game as the Lancers buried four 3-pointers in the third quarter, including one by freshman Michaela Mabrey at the buzzer to cut the lead to four points. Sophomore guard Jackie Kates hit two threes. The main problem is Bergtraum’s speed, as it is just beating SJV down the floor in transition for points.

Updated 3:33 p.m.

While we have a minute at the half, I was talking to SJV coach Dawn Karpell before the game and she caught me up on former SJV star Alisa Apo, the reigning Northeast Conference Rookie of the Year, who is now a sophomore guard at Sacred Heart. Her success has continued this season as she recently received her second straight NEC Player of the Week award, so glad to hear Apo is doing well at the next level.

Updated 3:26 p.m.

St. John Vianney fought its way back into the game at the half thanks to a 12-5 run to end the half that was spearheaded by freshman Michaela Mabrey, who rattled off eight points in a row for SJV and threw a nice pass that led to a pair of free throws by Teresa Manigrasso. The Blazers are having success against SJV’s press because of their speed, but a good sign for SJV is that Shakurah Washington, SJV’s best interior presence and an offensive rebounding menace, picked up her third foul shortly before the half.

Updated 3:14 p.m.

St. John Vianney didn’t score until 3:35 left in the second quarter and is down 26-16 with 2:44 left in the half as the Lancers are not executing their halfcourt sets and they’re getting killed on the offensive boards. Katelyn Linney also hasn’t gotten a lot of touches offensively. SJV looks a little tired as the Blazers are beating them to every loose ball. They are getting two, three and sometimes four shots on every possession. They have outscored SJV 9-2 during this period so far.

Updated 2:59 p.m.

Murry Bergtraum has come back to cut the lead to 12-10 by hurting the Lancers with dribble penetration and offensive rebounding. The Blazers have a lot of speed, and SJV isn’t making shots, which means it hasn’t been able to full-court press as much, which is where much of its offense is created.

Updated 2:52 p.m.

St. John Vianney has shot out to an 8-0 lead with Jackie Kates scoring five of them, so they have come here on a mission to end Murry Bergtraum’s 69-game winning streak and show they deserve to be nationally ranked.

Game One

Colts Neck 62, Christ the King 55 (Final)

Updated 2:34 p.m.

Junior guard Lauren Clarke was named Colts Neck’s MVP with a game-high 22 points, Brooke Hampton added 14 points and Emily Laurence had 12 points in Colts Neck’s best win of the season thus far. Tahira Johnson was CTK’s MVP with 16 points and sophomore Ariel Edwards led them with 19 points. This was a big one psychologically for Colts Neck because it proved it could slam the door down the stretch against a top team after struggling in that department thus far. They also did a great job defending and improving the rebounding in the crucial final four minutes of the game.

Updated 2:24 p.m.

This one is in the bag as Colts Neck came up with big stops and Lauren Clarke helped drive the nail in the coffin with a 3-point play with 2:01 left for a nine-point lead. The Cougars will be taking down New York City’s third-best team and a perennial power. The Cougars are currently on a 7-0 run to finish the game.

Updated 2:18 p.m.

Colts Neck is up 57-51 with 2:19 to go, as it looks to finally close out a top opponent after near misses against Shabazz and University.

Updated 2:05 p.m.

CTK is already in the double bonus heading into the fourth quarter, so Colts Neck is going to have to play smart on defense. The Royals finally went into a zone after Colts Neck’s guards were killing them off the dribble, but Colts Neck’s Tiffany DeTulio promptly buried a 3-pointer. This might be the last team that has the ball wins.

Updated 1:57 p.m.

Colts Neck is holding on to a 46-43 lead but the Royals are killing them on the offensive boards and on lobs down into the paint. Meanwhile, Brooke Hampton and Lauren Clarke are just carving up CTK’s defense for lay-ups or open jumpers for Emily Laurence, who had hit two 3-pointers in the quarter and is playing one of her better games of the season offensively. It’s basically CTK’s offensive rebounding vs. Colts Neck’s dribble penetration.

Updated 1:34 p.m.

A bucket off an offensive rebound for the Royals in the final 2 seconds tied the game at the half. Lauren Clarke began to heat up toward the end of the half with five points for a 31-26 lead before Christ the King rallied to tie it. This game is looking pretty simple – Colts Neck scores off dribble penetration because it spreads the floor and CTK’s rotations can’t get there in time when the Cougars’ guards get in the paint. Meanwhile, the Royals are hurting the Cougars on the offensive boards and in the paint, which is where the good teams have hurt them all season.

Updated 1:22 p.m.

The game is tied at 24 with 4:10 left in the 2nd Qtr. as Colts Neck is getting whatever it wants off dribble penetration as the guard trio of Lauren Clarke, Brooke Hampton and Tiffany DeTulio are breaking down defenders at will off the dribble and CTK is not rotating in time. Meanwhile, Colts Neck’s Achilles’ heel, defensive rebounding, is rearing its head as CTK is getting its points on putbacks in the paint.

Updated 1:16 p.m.

Colts Neck just ended the quarter on an 8-0 run to take a five point lead. Forwards Emily Laurence and Leann Lanza are off to great starts with a combined 8 points in the first quarter, mostly on finishes on the break and offensive rebounds. This is a rapid-fire, up-and-down-the-court game, which is the way Colts Neck likes it. They are pushing the ball at every chance and getting runouts off long misses by the Royals.


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