Live Football Chat, 9/8/09

Click Here to join the live football chat.


5 Responses to Live Football Chat, 9/8/09

  1. Denny D says:

    Hey Stumpy!! What’s going on?

  2. cnhs2010 says:

    colts neck will be good this year

  3. Chris Ellison says:

    How will the loss of Frank Edgerly impact the RBC team this year? They retained their def coord who has done a great job as of late, but what will the off look like this year? Edgerly was one of top off minds in the state and has put together a consistent track record of highly successful offenses during his tenure, will this team be able to produce on tha consistent level?

  4. Chris Ellison says:

    So do you feel that the coaching change is what RBC needed to takethe next step? As I understand it, it’s basically the same staff minus Edgerly and that they are using the blueprint he established there. I was told that with Edgely gone the offense is more “high school friendly” which may benefit some of the players and coaches.

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