Injury Update/Surf Taco Fans’ Top 10/Topic of the Day…

Before I get to the injury update, make sure you click here to check out the latest Surf Taco Fans’ Top 10 poll to see how everybody voted heading into Week Three.

The injuries keep on coming, unfortunately, as Point Boro will have three starters out in its game against St. John Vianney on Friday night.

Senior fullback/linebacker Zach Hayden, senior lineman Andrew Wary and junior defensive end John Spinapont will all be out of the lineup against the Lancers with injuries, according to Point Boro head coach Calvin Thompson. Hayden is the biggest loss considering he is one of the Shore’s top linebackers and also Point Boro’s most physical running back.

Thompson could not comment any further on the nature of the injuries or the timetable for the players’ return because school policy prevents him from saying anything further other than the fact that all three will be back at some point this season. Hayden, who played in the opener against Manasquan, is believed to have a minor injury that should allow him to return shortly in a week or two, according to a source close to the situation.

Hayden has attracted some Division I-AA interest from Monmouth University and others while junior Ryan Malleck has gotten interest from Rutgers, Western Michigan, and others, according to Thompson. Malleck, who plays wide receiver but will also move to tight end in certain sets in Point Boro’s option offense, projects as a Garrett Graham-type tight end because he is 6-5 with good size and can run. Graham also often lined up at wideout for Brick Memorial before going on to star at tight end for the University of Wisconsin, where he should be a high selection in the 2010 NFL draft. Malleck recently was invited by Rutgers to attend the Scarlet Knights’ game against Cincinnati early in the season. It looks like Malleck could be the first Division I-A scholarship player in Thompson’s tenure and in a while at Point Boro. Former star running back Brian Friedman was at Rutgers, but as a preferred walk-on, before he transferred to Sacred Heart.

Now, on to a quick question. Looking at the Howell-Jackson Memorial match-up and being a Jets fan, I wondered why more high school teams don’t run the exotic blitz schemes run by teams like the Ravens and now the Jets under Rex Ryan. One obvious reason is that a majority of the teams in the Shore Conference are run-oriented, so there wouldn’t be too many downs to even employ different blitz schemes, so maybe it’s not worth the time to install if it’s not going to be used a whole lot during the season.

Still, I would think with Jimmy Ryan a threat to make a play on every down, Jackson and any other team will want to put him under pressure, so those crazy overload blitzes, delayed blitzes and disguised blitzes would come in handy in disrupting a talented quarterback. I guess another reason teams might not employ them is that they don’t have shutdown cornerbacks that they can just leave one-on-one while they send some extra rushers at the quarterback because if that guy can’t cover, they are susceptible to the big play. (Luckily the Jets have Darrelle Revis).

Another reason is that a team’s linebackers are more of the physical, run-stuffing types rather than the fast, attacking types who can get upfield in a hurry. Just a thought because seeing what those exotic blitzes have done to disrupt some good offenses like the Patriots and Texans, that maybe a little more vanilla, but still effective, version could be used at this level.


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