Podcast Correction/Stumpy Awards Update

Well, it was inevitable that I would have had a screw-up or an oversight while writing the 8 million-word Stumpy Awards, and it came in the form of accidentally omitting Manalapan junior Josh Firkser as a running back to watch in 2010. We put him third-team All-Conference for this year and I picked him as my preseason American Division Offensive Player of the Year this season, so we know how good he is and I just had a brain meltdown on that one, but it has been rectified and he is in there now. Sorry about that.

Also, I would like to amend something Bob and I discussed on our season wrap-up podcast concerning Manalapan’s Kevin Cruz. I did not mean to insinuate that he was getting garbage yards late in blowout games, particularly against Marlboro, as he only really played the first half in that game and compiled all his stats during that time. It was a very hard decision to put him on second team because he had a stellar year, but unfortunately at this time of year, hard decisions have to be made. In no way did I want to make it sound like Manalapan was padding its stats in any area of its game. The Braves finished the season strong and are definitely a team to watch in 2010. If I gave that wrong impression when discussing Cruz, I apologize.

Now, on to basketball.


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