Scott Stump is one of the co-founders of All Shore Media and an award-winning journalist who has been covering the Shore Conference for 10 years in stints at the Asbury Park Press, DigitalSports and now with All Shore Media. He is a Red Bank Catholic and Northwestern University graduate who somehow roots for the Mets, Jets and Knicks and still has some shred of sanity. E-mail: stump@allshoremedia.com


5 Responses to About

  1. art robidoux says:

    Where do you get tickets for All Shore Classic

  2. Scott
    2009 unsung hero awards are around the corner, i hope you will cover the kids as you have in the past. We have a new sponsor, the Manasquan Elks are now the official sponsor, so we thank them for being generous.
    I have a new position, so this is my contact info at work and at home. The football officials start their season with our 2009 on field clinic next week, so we are getting ready to go. The all shore game went well, according to the officials who worked it.
    Thanks, see you on the field. Bill Surdovel, NJFOA

  3. Bill Patterson says:

    Mike Patterson, SR RB at Jackson Liberty has had a great year and should have some 2-A’s schools looking at him. Do you know of any showing an interest? He came up from Dallas, TX 2 years ago so is not well know in NJ football. However his first year was at Jackson Memorial who they play on Thanksgiving weekend. Should be a good game

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